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Survey Results: How do you save and share content online?

August 30th, 2010 | by Gabriel Tataranu

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The results are in!

In total we had 25 responses to our Twitter survey about saving and sharing content online. That makes it less than statistically significant, but hopefully you’ll find our results interesting nonetheless.

We created this survey because we were curious to find out how people keep track of content they discover through Twitter, how and where they share it, and what kind of content they like to share. We were also curious to find out if people felt they were able to keep up with all of the content that is being shared on Twitter. As we’ve mentioned before, on average 1 out of every 6 tweets contain a link so as you follow more people it can become impossible to stay on top of all the pictures, videos, blog posts, articles, and websites being shared.

Now on to the results!

First we wanted to find out some general information about our respondents and why they user Twitter.

Why do you use Twitter?Okay, so it looks like none of our respondents are fans of Ashton Kutcher but beyond that, our respondents’ reasons for using Twitter were a pretty even mix of wanting to follow people they know as well as influential people in their field, to receive news related to their interests, to meet other people with similar interests, and to a lesser extent, to promote or broadcast their own content.

For added context, we were curious how many people our respondents followed on Twitter.

How many people do you follow on Twitter?

The numbers vary, but some studies have found the average active Twitter user follows just under 400 people, and over 92% of all Twitter users follow less than 100 people. Given these stats, it’s safe to assume that our respondents are more active than most, with 68% of our respondents following at least 101 people. That makes sense, given that most of our respondents found out about our survey through Twitter.

What do you do with good content you discovered through Twitter?

No surprise that the most common response to discovering good content on Twitter was to retweet the link. At 16%, the next most popular response for our respondents was to bookmark/favorite a page in their browser, followed by sharing the content on another social network like Facebook, Digg, Stumbleupon, or Reddit (14%). Tied for 4th place at 13% was saving pages with Delicious and sharing a link by email.

Responses for Other included: Share in my newsletter, Read it immediately OR save it to Instapaper and nothing.

How do you share content you like?Next we wanted to know how our respondents shared content that they like, regardless of where they found it. Again, Twitter was the primary medium, with 37% of votes, followed closely by Email at 27% and Facebook at 24%.

Other included IM, my newsletter, Google Reader, and

Statistics on social sharing vary, but by most accounts Email and Facebook are the two most popular ways to share online content, with Twitter trailing far behind. Given that Facebook has a userbase of 500 million, versus Twitter’s 190 million users, it’s understandable how that could be the case.

So what kind of content are our respondents interested in sharing?

Technology, News, and Business content were the top picks, followed by Offbeat/Bizarre, Science, Lifestyle, Video, Arts, Politics, Environment, and Other (Sports got a mention here).

And for our last question, we were especially curious to know if people felt they were able to keep up with all the content that their peers were sharing on Twitter.

Are you able to keep up with the content being shared on Twitter?The majority of respondents (76%) don’t feel that they’re able to keep up with all the content sharing that’s happening on Twitter and as a result are missing out on content that’s of interest to them.

One respondent who chose Other wrote that they were able to keep up with the content being shared most of the time, and another respondent wrote that they felt they got enough content from Twitter, since it’s not their only source.

Again, this was far from a scientific analysis, but our survey results gave us some insight into how our respondents manage the content they find on Twitter, and also points to a problem of information overload. We’re working on solving this problem, but you’ll have to stay tuned for the full details. In the meantime, you can sign up for our private beta to be one of the first to try Wajam.

A big thank you to everyone who took the time to answer our survey! We used goodgecko to host it and we would recommend it if you’re looking for a free (or paid) online  survey service.

3.2 Billion Links Shared on Twitter and Counting

August 3rd, 2010 | by Gabriel Tataranu

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Just this past weekend, what is believed to be the 20 billionth tweet was posted on Twitter:

Now, what we here at Wajam find especially interesting about this development is the amount of content that people are sharing on Twitter. If we look at this Twitter message types data that was compiled by Website Monitoring, we can see that 16% of tweets include links to news, images, videos, and other web content. In other words, 1 in every 6 tweets contains a link.

So how many links have been shared on Twitter?

If we crunch the numbers, 3.2 billion links have been shared on Twitter so far, and that number is growing fast! That’s a lot of content.

So where does Wajam come in? Glad you asked. Wajam can help you access that content when you need it, but that’s all we’ll say for now…

We’re curious to know how you save and share content you like, we’d really appreciate it if you took our short survey to share your thoughts with us.