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July 26th, 2011 | by alainwong

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Wajam is a browser extension that lets you access your friends’ knowledge when you need it. When searching or browsing online, see relevant search results from your Facebook friends, your Twitter followers, and now your Google+ circles.


Today, we’re happy to introduce Google+ integration with Wajam, integrating the hottest new social network to your search experience. Wajam now shows you posts, links, photos and videos that your Google+ circle of friends have shared right when you need it.

Get results from Google+ in Google

Thank you for the music, Amy. Rest in peace.

In addition to getting search results from your Facebook friends and Twitter followers whenever you need it, you’ll now see meaningful content from your Google+ circles. In today’s world of information overload, we make your life easier by tracking what your friends share and letting you discover it when you need it.


For example, here I search “Google+” in Bing. Right away, Wajam shows me meaningful conversations by Ben Parr, unicorn fan Pete Cashmore, ReadWriteWeb’s Marshall Kirkpatrick and Techcrunchers Erick Schonfeld & MG Siegler, to name a few. I also see posts by Wajam friends Alistair Croll and Jeff Korhan.

Get results from Google+ in Bing

Wajam Social Search on Bing with Google Plus

To start using Google+ social search, simply connect your Google+ account here.

Not using Wajam? Sign up today. Once you’ve logged in, you can connect all your social profiles to your Wajam account.

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When we heard about the launch of Google’s newest foray into social networks this past month, we were excited. Although Google Buzz was introduced with lofty intentions, and Google Wave had the potential to disrupt, both products never hit the spot.

With the launch of Google+, it looks like Google finally hit a home run. Indeed, the newest social network introduced innovating features like:

  • Circles: matching your real life circle of friends (a theory developed by ex-Googler and current Facebook engineer Paul Adams)
  • Sparks: a new take on Reddit/Tumblr sharing
  • Hangouts: group chat for the masses — the coolest Google+ feature in our opinion!

So far, Google+ looks like the real deal, with a reported 20 million signups already in three weeks.


Once Google+ launched, we immediately started thinking about what it meant for Wajam users, and what it meant for the social search landscape. Some early critics focused on the lack of search in Google+ and on the need for alternatives. Other people were closing their Facebook profiles now that there was a viable alternative. From these reactions, we understood that people wanted the freedom to choose their preferred networks, so it made perfect sense to add Google+ to our social search plugin.

Once we decided that Google+ was a good fit, we threw our gloves off. Our talented developers worked their magic around the clock— first reading the Muggle’s Guide to Dragons, then fighting fire with fire, and finally taming the beast.

As of today, we allow you to:

  • Connect your Google+ profile to Wajam and store the links that your friends have shared
  • View Google+ content directly in your favorite search engine like Google or Bing
  • View relevant search results wherever you go online, such as popular sites like Amazon, Wikipedia, TripAdvisor with the Wajam Everywhere tool bar.

Here’s another example. While browsing Amy Winehouse’s Wikipedia page, I discovered the BBC article shared by Ryan Kim on Google+.

Get results from Google+ on Wikipedia

Wajam Everywhere Amy Winehouse on Wikipedia

Wajam! access the knowledge of your friends and people you care about on Twitter, Facebook, and now Google+. If you haven’t downloaded Wajam yet, do so today.

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Alain Wong

Community Manager at Wajam | email me | follow me

P.S. Our CEO Martin-Luc has some great insights on the future of social search with Google+. I’ve interviewed him and will be featuring his take on the topic later this month.

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