How Wajam Makes Your Search Results Safe And Relevant

August 11th, 2011 | by alainwong

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Wajam was recently featured on Business InsiderSimplyZestyReadWriteWeb and other blogs. Thank you for supporting and believing in us!

If you’re new to Wajam social search, you’re probably curious as to how we do things and what improvements we are planning. I’d like to take a moment to answer your questions.


Search results are improving. Jon Mitchell from ReadWriteWeb asked, “How do I get more relevant search results?” Our Wajam search robots crunch data behind the scenes to give you the best results. We’re always fine tuning them and have help from very smart people in the field of information extraction and machine learning. Stay tuned for filtered results based on location and interest in the near future.

Wajam is safe. @matdumsa expressed concern over security, “While I’d love @Wajam to index my google plus stuff, not quite sure I’m down with giving my google user/pass.” We use industry standard SSL for encryption and never store your password. We understand your safety concerns, and do our best so that your data is secure. The whole team uses Wajam without losing sleep.

We store as much as we can for you. A reader on Jeff Korhan’s blog asked, “How far back can Wajam search on Facebook and Twitter?” Our limits are determined by the APIs of the social networks we connect to. For Facebook: we have access to 3 months backward for links in your feed. As for likes & photos from your friends, there’s no limit, so we store all of it. For Twitter: we access 3200 most recent tweets per follower and we archive past data.

So the earlier you sign up, the more data we store for you. It’s a great reason to get your friends to sign up asap!

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