Wajam Places Adds Location To Your Social Search Results

September 1st, 2011 | by alainwong

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We’re happy to introduce Wajam Places, a new location-based search feature that we’re gradually rolling out starting today.


Wajam Places shows you location-related results from your friends whenever you search online. You’ll find:

  • friends who LIVE in the city you search for
  • places that your friends have LIKED in this city
  • places your friends have CHECKED-IN to
  • PHOTOS taken by your friends at this location

Here’s an example searching “Montreal restaurants” in Google. Along with results directly related to restaurants in the city, I also discover the Spa St. James liked by my friend Olivier as well as the Boul Noir bar that my friend Simon checked-in to recently.

Find city attractions when you search in Google

Here’s a second example searching “Montreal hotels” in Bing. In addition to a foursquare hotel check-in by my friend David and a hotel link shared by Pierre-Philippe, I can now also see pictures taken in Montreal by my friends Debbie, Daniel  and Chay that were shared on Facebook.

Get location-based results from your friends in Bing


As a new user, you’ll start seeing results based on location directly in popular search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo. For longtime users, we’re crawling location markers for results we’ve stored for you already and you’ll soon see Wajam Places along with your regular results.

With Wajam Places, social search just got more powerful. You can now find more relevant results based on locations you search for. We think that’s awesome.

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