Wajam Places Organizes Your Friends’ Recommendations By Location

September 21st, 2011 | by alainwong

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If you missed the launch of Wajam Places, watch the video. Or read the coverage in ReadWriteWebPSFKNextMontreal and The Montreal Gazette.

Since launching Wajam Places at the beginning of the month, you’ve sent us great feedback about our location-based social search feature. We’ve heard you and are happy to announce an update that makes it even easier for you to find location-based recommendations from your friends in popular search engines.


Location-based results are now grouped together by category. For example, if you search for something in the city of Montreal, you can also find:

  • Your friends who live in Montreal
  • Photos taken by your friends in Montreal
  • Local restaurant recommendations
  • Health and fitness locations in the area
  • Hotels and lodging
  • Shopping recommendations
  • Sights to see and venues to visit

Screenshot of Wajam Places Categories

Categories makie it easier for you to find relevant results from your friends based on the location you’ve looked up. That’s Wajam Places. Get location-based results from your friends when you need it. Take a minute today and install Wajam.

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