McGill Tech Think Tank: Connecting Startups With University Students

December 2nd, 2011 | by alainwong

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A few weeks ago, my colleagues and I attended a meetup of the McGill Tech Think Tank, organized by Jon Volkmar and Alex Moskovitz. The club’s goal is to promote startup culture at McGill, and for this session, they had invited us to demo Wajam and talk about startup culture.

It was actually my first time back at McGill since I graduated, and it was great to connect with students and potential future recruits. It also reminded me of the importance of having experienced mentors to guide you on your career path, which is why our CEO Martin-Luc loves mentoring and actively participates in GrowLab and FounderFuel.

The meetup also featured guest speaker and ex-Googler Christian Lavoie, a McGill alumni. It was great listening to him share his experience working at Google. He also had kind things to say about the Montreal tech scene, and along with us, gave students great reasons to work at a startup.

One insight stood out: although McGill does a great job teaching you theory, the university programs lack the practical knowledge you need to succeed in the workplace. Thus, doing an internship or starting your career at a startup gives you the perfect opportunity to get up to speed with hands-on experience.

Although the Tech Think Tank gathering was small, there was no shortage of students with big ideas. It’s inspiring to see this entrepreneurial spirit at Mcgill!

More about the Tech Think Tank

The Tech Think Tank was founded in March 2011 by Jon Volkmar and Alex Moskovitz, both undergrad computer science students. It started as an effort to get students, faculty, and members of the Montreal tech community to share knowledge and ideas. This year they’re focusing on interacting with the Montreal startup community, with Hackathons co-organized with Startupifier. To get updates, sign up to their newsletter.

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