Wajam Personalizes Your Google Search Results, Takes Social Search To The Next Level

January 24th, 2012 | by alainwong

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Google recently launched Search + Your World to give you social search results from your Google+ stream directly in Google.

But what happens if most of your friends are on Facebook or Twitter?

Blake Ross from Facebook teamed up with engineers at MySpace and Twitter over the weekend and launched They built a demo that improves Google’s results by including public Facebook and Twitter profiles. The problem is that these profiles are all public and they are not necessarily your friends so your social search results are still not tailored to you. For example, I’m seeing results from celebrity Twitter accounts that aren’t truly personalized. I also see results from public Facebook pages, but not my Facebook friends.

Wajam takes social search to the next level by personalizing your Google search results and giving you recommendations from all your friends whether they are on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. It doesn’t matter where your friends post content, Wajam can find that content and make it available to you on Google when you need it.

In the video we show a few examples, searching for swing dancing (a hobby of mine), San Francisco and iPad. When I search for iPad in Google, the first “social result” I get is from Ben Parr talking about the Facebook iPad app in a Mashable article. And that appears at the bottom of the results.

With Wajam, the results are much different. Here’s what I see:

ipad wajam

For starters, I see how many people in my social networks (regardless of which one!) have talked about the iPad. I also see a list of related tablet products in the sidebar. Both of these things are infinitely more valuable to me as a user.

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