Wajam vs New Bing Social Search: Head to Head Video

May 11th, 2012 | by alainwong

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Bing recently released a new design for social search called “Sidebar”. We think Wajam is better because we offer a more complete social search experience. Here’s a look at how we compare.

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Point By Point Comparison

Although Bing has significantly improved its social search feature, it still lags behind what we offer with Wajam.

Always Present, Never Intrusive

With Wajam, you have convenient access to social search results right next to your search box. Social content appears to the right of organic results, so that you can get results from your friends in addition to organic results. You can minimize the dashboard whenever you want, so that it’s always present but never intrusive.

The Wajam social search engine digs deeper because it crawls the meta data for anything that’s been posted on the social web. For example, if your friends share a Youtube link with you on Facebook, Wajam not only indexes what your friends say about the video, but goes one step further and tries to understand what the video is about so that it can bubble up in your search results.

Public and Private Recommendations

While Bing gives you mostly public results from social platforms, Wajam gives you both public and private results so that you get real access to the friends you trust. All this without changing your browsing and searching habits.

Support For Most Popular Websites

Wajam doesn’t only integrate social results in Bing— it can also be used with other popular websites like Google, TripAdvisor, Wikipedia and more.

Wajam— giving you access to the knowledge of your friends, when you need it.

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