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Facebook Graph Search Validates Wajam Social Search Mission

January 17th, 2013 | by alainwong

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A friend asked me yesterday, “How does Facebook’s new Graph Search impact Wajam?”

Simply put, the launch of Graph Search validates what we are doing here at Wajam, which is to help you search through content that your friends share with you every day.

Tap Into the Knowledge of Your Friends

Facebook is doing a great job connecting people together, and with Graph Search, you can now find more meaning from your social interactions. By tapping into your network of friends, you can easily:

  • Find people who are as passionate as you about swing dancing.
  • Discover which restaurants your friends have been to and like best.
  • Find long lost high school photos.

At Wajam, we believe in the same values as Facebook— what your friends share matters. We’re working hard to make it easy for you to tap into the knowledge of your friends and give you personalized recommendations on your favorite websites.

Get Recommendations Across Social Networks

Our mission is to connect you to any one of your preferred social platforms, not just Facebook, and show you recommendations from your friends when you need it the most.

Wajam lets you choose which platforms you’d like to filter results from— Facebook, Twitter and/or Google+— and then gives you recommendations that your friends have shared on those social networks.

Wajam Brings Together Facebook And Google

With the launch of Graph Search, Facebook is giving you more options to find relevant social data from friends. Google launched a similar feature earlier this year dubbed Search Plus Your World, connecting to their social offering Google+.

Both of these services are great within their own platforms, but Wajam takes the idea one step further by giving you recommendations from your friends on many other websites and also third party applications on your mobile phone. In effect, we enhance your search experience by bringing these great social platforms to you when you need it.

Wajam brings the best of all worlds. You get more social platforms to choose from, and you’re shown results on sites where you search already.

The Wajam social search engine indexes recommendations from your friends from social networks you choose, and then shows you results on supported sites like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, TripAdvisor, Wikipedia, eBay and more.

Wajam Saves You Time

Wajam helps bring relevant content to you so that you don’t have to search for it. Try Wajam out today by signing up at

Wajam Social Shopping Gives You Product Recommendations From Your Friends While You Shop

July 24th, 2012 | by alainwong

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Today, we’re happy to announce Wajam Social Shopping, a new feature that gives you product recommendation from your friends while you shop.

YouTube Preview Image

Shopping Made Easy

When you shop for a smartphone on eBay or Amazon, see what your friends have said about the phone you’re considering.

Get recommendations from your friends no matter what product you’re shopping for: books, games, electronics, clothing, toys, cameras and much more.

Both Social Recommendations and Shopping Comparison

We’ve made the experience even better by listing alternative shopping destinations as well as their prices. We’ve partnered with to offer you an integrated comparison shopping service from more than 3,500 merchants.

With Wajam Shopping, not only do you get to see what your friends say about a product, you also get to compare prices at the same time. It’s the easiest and best way to shop.

Bring your friends with you while you shop! Sign up today at

Wajam Places Adds Google Map Interface to Social Search Results

June 27th, 2012 | by alainwong

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Today, we’re happy to announce a major update to Wajam Places, our location-based social search feature, with a new Google Maps interface.

You can now find recommendations for restaurants, hotels, attractions and more from your friends on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ directly in an interactive map.

YouTube Preview Image

No matter where you search, you can now get location-based recommendations for cool places to visit along with photos, videos and links.

Expand the map to see more recommendations in the city you’re searching for. Find places your friends have “liked” on Facebook or “checked in” on Foursquare.

Simply put, you still get the same great social search results everywhere you search, now with an interactive map!

Rolling Out Today

The new Wajam Places is rolling out starting today.

Sign up today and get the ability to search everything your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ friends are sharing with you.

Wajam vs New Bing Social Search: Head to Head Video

May 11th, 2012 | by alainwong

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Bing recently released a new design for social search called “Sidebar”. We think Wajam is better because we offer a more complete social search experience. Here’s a look at how we compare.

YouTube Preview Image

Point By Point Comparison

Although Bing has significantly improved its social search feature, it still lags behind what we offer with Wajam.

Always Present, Never Intrusive

With Wajam, you have convenient access to social search results right next to your search box. Social content appears to the right of organic results, so that you can get results from your friends in addition to organic results. You can minimize the dashboard whenever you want, so that it’s always present but never intrusive.

The Wajam social search engine digs deeper because it crawls the meta data for anything that’s been posted on the social web. For example, if your friends share a Youtube link with you on Facebook, Wajam not only indexes what your friends say about the video, but goes one step further and tries to understand what the video is about so that it can bubble up in your search results.

Public and Private Recommendations

While Bing gives you mostly public results from social platforms, Wajam gives you both public and private results so that you get real access to the friends you trust. All this without changing your browsing and searching habits.

Support For Most Popular Websites

Wajam doesn’t only integrate social results in Bing— it can also be used with other popular websites like Google, TripAdvisor, Wikipedia and more.

Wajam— giving you access to the knowledge of your friends, when you need it.

Wajam Unveils New Social Search Experience for Google

April 23rd, 2012 | by alainwong

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We’re happy to unveil a new design for the Wajam social search extension.

YouTube Preview Image

Learning From Our Users

Last year, we launched the Wajam browser extension to give you social search results everywhere you browsed the web, in places like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, Yelp, Trip Advisor, YouTube and Ebay.

Learning from hundreds of thousands of users who made hundreds of millions of searches, we redesigned the whole user experience and packaged it in a convenient, unobtrusive new design that removes clutter from your search results page.

Simpler, Cleaner Design

The Wajam social search enhancer now appears as an icon on the right hand side when you search in Google, taking up less space and clutter on your desktop.

Intuitive Display: Your social search results are now shown on the right side of organic results. You can choose to show results from friends by default or set Wajam to “hide results” so to take up less space, only showcasing recommendations from friends when you need it.

Easy Filtering: You can easily pick and choose which social network you want results from, as well as filter results by friends by simply clicking on their profile picture. We currently support Google+, Facebook and Twitter, and are planning on supporting additional social networks in the near future.

The new design clearly breaks down number of results, organizing them by links, photos or videos, and lines up specific friends who have commented on the search term you searched. This gives you the ability to more easily filter results by specific friends, relevance or time.

New Design Rolls Out Today

Starting today, you’ll see the new design when you search in Google, and we’ll slowly roll it out onto more supported sites. Wajam— giving you the best in social search.