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Five Reasons Why You Should Work At A Startup

November 4th, 2011 | by alainwong

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This past Tuesday, I attended Montreal Startup Talent along with Wajam co-founder Olivier Cabanes and our resident big data expert Andre-Philippe Paquet. We had a chance to meet professionals and students alike interested in startup culture, and many asked us what it’s like working at a startup.

Five Reasons Why You Should Work At A Startup

You have real influence. Startup teams are small (Wajam has 10 people, and my previous startups had 10 and 7 respectively when I worked there) so what you do makes a huge difference in the company. Yes, that means a lot of responsibilities lie on your shoulders, but it also brings the greatest reward. Wajam CEO Martin-Luc said it best, “Each of you has your destiny in your own hands, so take this opportunity and run with it.

You get to build something new and exciting with a passionate team. The process of building something new and disruptive in the market is a catalyst for great teamwork and camaraderie. Your startup colleagues are most likely as passionate as you are about the vision, and this passion will help you build long lasting friendships.

Your job is diverse and dynamic. In a startup, you’re forging new ground, so you’ll likely be asked to touch things that are outside of your specialty. Ben Yoskovitz described it the best, “You’ll be thrown out of your comfort zone. You’ll get a chance to expand your horizons.

You get to learn LOTS along the way. Since startups sprint in order to execute an idea as quickly as possible,  you’ll have ample opportunity to learn on the go. There’s an abundance of hypotheses to test,  lessons to be learned and battles to be won. You’ll grow fast both on a professional and on a personal level.

Finally, most importantly, you get to have tons of fun. When I worked at Standout Jobs, we had cardboard showdowns. At Akoha, we had David Usher. At Wajam, we have serious nerf gun battles. Canadian startups have great startup cultures and know how to have fun, and it shows.

Here’s a list of great reads from graduates and entrepreneurs who chose the startup life:

We’re Hiring!

Wajam is hiring so give us a shout if you’d like to work with us. Not only will you get to work with a great team but our fair city offers a great quality of life, low cost of living and best yet, awesome food. Check out our job postings, or watch the Wajam Halloween video.

Wajam Is Hiring Web Developers

October 31st, 2011 | by alainwong

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Happy Halloween! We’re hiring web developers and thought a video would be the best way to show you our culture.

Wajam celebrates Halloween

If you’re interested in building the next big thing, and want to have fun doing it, come join us! Technologies we use: PHP, C++, iOS, Hadoop/MapReduce, Cassandra/NoSQL.

Apply on our jobs page.

How To Use Social Search To Find Your Dream Job

October 12th, 2011 | by alainwong

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Social search has many uses, from finding the next big concert to getting a restaurant recommendation, and one of them is job searching.

Your friends are already posting jobs on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. But unless you are constantly monitoring these social networks, you might miss out on great employment opportunities. Wajam solves this.


According to Jobvite, 89% of companies in the U.S. will use social media for recruiting in 2011. Indeed, job referrals are increasingly promoted through social networks— LinkedIn built a whole social network around the idea of business connections and introductions and is now valued at $8 billion.

Three tips on using social search to find your dream job:

1. Get referred by a friend: Recruiters prefer to fill positions with personal referrals, so if your friend has shared a job posting on their network, it’s likely they have a personal connection to the company that is recruiting. Use this to your advantage by asking for an introduction.

2. Make first contact: Once you’ve found a job opportunity, it’s easy to make first contact because you know where this company is promoting their jobs. If they’ve posted it on Twitter, send them a tweet. If they’ve shared it on Facebook, make sure to leave a comment on their page and get noticed.

3. Look professional: Make sure your profile has adequate professional information to make a good impression.


Here’s how I found web developer jobs in Montreal using Wajam. With Wajam installed, I search the term “developer” and “Montreal” in Google, and instantly see job postings shared by Next Montreal and Aleece Germano from The Swap Team on Twitter.

Web Developer jobs in Montreal using Wajam

The Wajam career page is also highlighted in this screenshot, and in case you’re wondering— yes, we’re hiring again! We’ve got many exciting projects to push Wajam to the next level, so now’s your chance to join a startup working at the bleeding edge of social search. We’re recruiting four developers (back-end, PHP and iOS) so please contact us if you’re interested! read the rest of the entry »