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Wajam free VPN app wins best mobile utilities app at 2014 Digi Awards

November 19th, 2014 | by pierrecleaud

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Great news for the Wajammers last week, the Wajam Free VPN team won Next Media’s 2014 Digi Awards in the mobile utilities category. This award honors Canada’s most successful digital media companies and practitioners, and is one of Canada’s most prestigious recognition program.

Every single day, we see how much the mobile team thrives to deliver the best possible experience to our mobile users. Huge kudos to Pierre-Alain and Heikki (developers), Miranda (designer) and Elazar, the leading light who nailed the acceptance speech.

Wajam's mobile team wins Next Media's 2014 Digi Award in mobile utilities category

It’s fantastic that such a prestigious prize recognizes their hard work. Here at Wajam, we are all genuinely proud of them especially considering the fierce competition in finals (AXS Maps, Voices and Yellow Pages).

They initially launched the app in March earlier this year, and we have seen it evolve so much in the past few months. Not only does the app provides users with free secure VPN access on the go – protecting users’ privacy and security, but it also provides the user with social results (from Facebook, Twitter, etc.) when searching the Web on Google, Bing, Yahoo! and more. And the beauty of it… it’s completely free!

You haven’t tested this super handy app yet? Download it now!

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A spooktacular Halloween day at the office

November 7th, 2014 | by pierrecleaud

posted in Company, Culture, Team Activities

Last Friday for Halloween, we decided to spice things up by organizing a little shout-out costume contest. The Wajammers played ball and dressed up in some crazy costumes. Miranda’s handmade hommage to Lego’s minifigures drove the crowd wild and won with flying colours.

Miranda won the 2014 Wajam Halloween contest

Check out our video and decide for whom you would have voted. Enjoy!

[vimeo width="600" height="450"][/vimeo]

Wajam welcomes Montrealers at Start-up Open House 2014

November 5th, 2014 | by pierrecleaud

posted in Culture, Events, Montreal, Startups

For the second year in a row, we participated to Start-Up Open House. Since many of our friends were showing growing interest for startups , this was be a good way to show them what they’re actually like. In Montreal, 90 startups opened their doors, including our neighbours PasswordBox and SPOTR, to over 1700 visitors. Kudos to the organizers.

This year it all happened the day before Halloween. So, we decided to decorate the Wajam office for the occasion.  Here at Wajam, it was all hands on deck. We really wanted to offer the best experience possible to our visitors. Our official tour guides and historians presented the story and ideas behind Wajam while our official entertainers challenged our guests at billiards, ping pong, fussball and darts.

For those who were interested in becoming a Wajammer and are curious about the full list of available positions, please see our Careers page. A big thanks to those who dropped off their CV.

We hope that all our guests had fun during their Wajam tour. We sure did!

See you all next year ;)

Tech Meetups in Montreal: Scala in pratice panel discussion

October 23rd, 2014 | by pierrecleaud

posted in Events, Montreal

Yesterday, we were pleased to host a Scala meetup featuring a panel of enterprise leaders in the Scala usage:

Felix Trépanier moderated this meetup which used a different format than usually. These experienced Scala developers and leaders shared their insights and their thoughts by answering questions related to Scala (as a language), the Scala ecosystem, the learning of Scala, and the initiation of a Scala project in an organization.

This Scala meetup was by far the highest attending one we hosted with over 60 people who turned up. The attendees were very pleased with the quality of the debates and gave very positive feedback. It’s nice to see that the Scala community is growing and we’re happy to support it with plenty of beer, pizza and our office.

This new more practical format was a great success and we are looking forward for next month’s Scala meetup which will be announced on Meetup. Thanks everyone for coming and thanks to the panelists for sharing their wisdom :)

Host your meetup at Wajam!

At Wajam, we’re helping you find recommendations from friends you trust, whenever you need them. In order to do that, we constantly innovate with new technologies. We’d like to invite you to come over to our awesome lounge so that together, we can share our best high-tech adventures. Send an email to pierre [at] for more details.

The panelists talking at the Scala Meetup hosted by Wajam

The attendance at the Wajam Scala meetup

The attendance and the panelists at Wajam's Scala meetup

The Scala meetup participants eating pizza

The empty pizza boxes from the Scala meetup hosted by Wajam

Wajam’s Last Minute Victory in Epic Hockey Match Against PasswordBox

October 22nd, 2014 | by pierrecleaud

posted in Company, Culture, Montreal, Startups, Team Activities

This past Friday, we challenged fellow Montreal startup PasswordBox to a friendly hockey game at Jarry Park.

Picture of the teams before the game

With one of our best players having been shipped back to Newfoundland (shout out to Brockie!) and the addition of several rookies, we really didn’t know what to expect. In the face of adversity, we focused on what we do best :

One of Wajam's many taglines

  • We trained before coming to work… We trained during our breaks… And we trained after work.
  • We read our playbook over and over again… and then we read some more.
  • We listened to the wise words of our team captain Michaël: eating tons carbs for plenty of energy for the game. (No more vegetable lasagnas please!)
  • Our CEO Martin-Luc personally tucked us in every night at 8 PM to make sure we would get a good night’s sleep. ;)

Final score: Wajam 10, PasswordBox 9

Here’s how it all went down.

Both teams played an epic game. To each of our well-constructed goals, PasswordBox replied with a quick counter attack. We dominated the first period! They responded by taking the lead in the second period.

During the third period, a combination of exhaustion and good defense prevented their attackers from scoring on our goalie Pierre-Alain. In the last two minutes, a piece of individual brilliance by their star player gave PasswordBox the lead.

The Wajam team regrouped during a final timeout. The tension was at its peak, but we came through with effort and great teamwork. Wajammers ended up scoring two goals in the last seconds and won the game. Our team and fans exploded with joy!

One of Wajam's team taglines

“This was a very close game. We played as a team up until the end and benefited from that. Thanks to all our cheerers!” offered Kevin Charette, Wajam’s new addition to the midfield.

“We focused on giving our 110%. Our motivation was fed by our defeat at soccer last year; we couldn’t lose this time. We worked hard until the last second and never gave up” concluded Michaël Mimeault.

The players shook hands. And after a quick shower (well… not for everyone!), both teams bonded over well-deserved drinks.

Our team:

Group picture of the Wajam team

Our captain: Michaël “Skipper” Mimeault

Wajam's captain motivating troops

When it comes to Hockey, he’s our beacon. He can probably easily name, by alphabetical order, each Habs player from the past 30 years.

Our goalie: Pierre-Alain “Brick-Wall” Loiseau

Wajam's goalkeeper Pierre-Alain Loiseau

Great reflexes and (almost) perfect splits

Our crazy fans and their geeky cheers…

Wajam's fans cheering the Hockey team

“Disconnect their Wiiiiii-Fiiiiii!”

It was a great way to spend time as a team and also meet talented fellow developers and entrepreneurs in town. Thank you so much to the organizers. With our close victory, no doubt they will ask us for a rematch !

If you’re a fan of Hockey (ping pong, darts, pool, fussball, …) and you think you have what it takes to play us, come have a drink with us at the Startup Open House next week.