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Wajam’s Last Minute Victory in Epic Hockey Match Against PasswordBox

October 22nd, 2014 | by pierrecleaud

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This past Friday, we challenged fellow Montreal startup PasswordBox to a friendly hockey game at Jarry Park.

Picture of the teams before the game

With one of our best players having been shipped back to Newfoundland (shout out to Brockie!) and the addition of several rookies, we really didn’t know what to expect. In the face of adversity, we focused on what we do best :

One of Wajam's many taglines

  • We trained before coming to work… We trained during our breaks… And we trained after work.
  • We read our playbook over and over again… and then we read some more.
  • We listened to the wise words of our team captain Michaël: eating tons carbs for plenty of energy for the game. (No more vegetable lasagnas please!)
  • Our CEO Martin-Luc personally tucked us in every night at 8 PM to make sure we would get a good night’s sleep. ;)

Final score: Wajam 10, PasswordBox 9

Here’s how it all went down.

Both teams played an epic game. To each of our well-constructed goals, PasswordBox replied with a quick counter attack. We dominated the first period! They responded by taking the lead in the second period.

During the third period, a combination of exhaustion and good defense prevented their attackers from scoring on our goalie Pierre-Alain. In the last two minutes, a piece of individual brilliance by their star player gave PasswordBox the lead.

The Wajam team regrouped during a final timeout. The tension was at its peak, but we came through with effort and great teamwork. Wajammers ended up scoring two goals in the last seconds and won the game. Our team and fans exploded with joy!

One of Wajam's team taglines

“This was a very close game. We played as a team up until the end and benefited from that. Thanks to all our cheerers!” offered Kevin Charette, Wajam’s new addition to the midfield.

“We focused on giving our 110%. Our motivation was fed by our defeat at soccer last year; we couldn’t lose this time. We worked hard until the last second and never gave up” concluded Michaël Mimeault.

The players shook hands. And after a quick shower (well… not for everyone!), both teams bonded over well-deserved drinks.

Our team:

Group picture of the Wajam team

Our captain: Michaël “Skipper” Mimeault

Wajam's captain motivating troops

When it comes to Hockey, he’s our beacon. He can probably easily name, by alphabetical order, each Habs player from the past 30 years.

Our goalie: Pierre-Alain “Brick-Wall” Loiseau

Wajam's goalkeeper Pierre-Alain Loiseau

Great reflexes and (almost) perfect splits

Our crazy fans and their geeky cheers…

Wajam's fans cheering the Hockey team

“Disconnect their Wiiiiii-Fiiiiii!”

It was a great way to spend time as a team and also meet talented fellow developers and entrepreneurs in town. Thank you so much to the organizers. With our close victory, no doubt they will ask us for a rematch !

If you’re a fan of Hockey (ping pong, darts, pool, fussball, …) and you think you have what it takes to play us, come have a drink with us at the Startup Open House next week.

Office Renovations – How To Make Your Staircase Awesome, Wajam-Style!

May 12th, 2014 | by alainwong

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Wajam staircase with graffiti artwork by Scaner, Axe and Earth Crusher in Montreal

This past month, we collaborated with architect Geneviève Bégin and graffiti artists Scaner, Axe & Earth Crusher to completely redesign the staircase connecting to our second office. They came up with a snowy mountain concept matched with dangling balls of light, and incorporated drawings that illustrate Wajam values like teamwork, collaboration and determination.

Each travel up and down the stairs now feels like a totally magical experience!

BDW14 MTL – Wajam at Big Data Week in Montreal

May 8th, 2014 | by alainwong

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We’re happy to be taking part in Big Data Week happening in Montreal this week featuring speakers like Alistair Croll and representatives from Datacratic, Nexalogy, Radialpoint, and more. Great initiative by organizers Built in Montreal and Exitlist.

Wajam was represented by Suhail Shergill, who gave a presentation on “What Makes Big Data Hard”: what hinders a data scientist when working with ‘Big Data’ and how can we hope to overcome these hurdles.

Wajam Spartans Training Hard For Spartan Race At Mont-Tremblant

May 6th, 2014 | by alainwong

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Last year, we crushed our fellow Montreal startup competitors at Spartan Race, the world’s largest obstacle race that challenges entrants to “discover their inner warrior”.

We’re challenging startups again this year and training hard. See you all at Mont-Tremblant in three weeks. AROO!

A special thanks to David Nault at iNovia for the extra motivation.

Spartan Race gift from David Nault at iNovia Capital

Wajam Spartans - Jerome Gagnon

Wajam Spartans

Wajam Spartans - Manu Laflamme

Wajam Spartans - Manu Laflamme

“Good To Great” – Entrepreneurs Cocktail at Notman House with PasswordBox, Frank & Oak, Wajam and Provender

May 2nd, 2014 | by alainwong

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JCCM 2014 Entrepreneurs Cocktail with Caithrin Rintoul, Ethan Song, Magaly Charbonneau and Martin-Luc Archambault

The Jeune Chambre de Commerce de Montréal recently hosted their Entrepreneurs Cocktail at the newly renovated Notman House. This year’s event with the theme “Good to Great” featured visionary entrepreneurs who have dared to dream big and challenge the status quo in their industries: Magaly Charbonneau COO of PasswordBox, Martin-Luc Archambault CEO of Wajam, Ethan Song CEO of Frank & Oak, with Caithrin Rintoul CEO of Provender as panel moderator. The event was produced in collaboration with FounderFuelSDEVM.

During the talk, these tech leaders covered topics such as how to build and launch products internationally, how to make strategic alliances to scale your startup, how to surround yourself with the right team and partners, and finally, challenges and lessons learned.

Building The Right Team Culture

Each of the three panelists outlined how important it was to align their teams with the big vision as well as building the right team culture and fostering communication within the company as you scale.

Tips on maintaining team culture as you grow:

  • Adapt the team culture as the company scales. What works during the early  stage may not necessarily work as you grow.
  • Consider using processes to document your onboarding procedure to help integrate new hires and promote your company’s culture and values by putting them on paper and on the office walls.
  • Find new ways to engage your team: Lunch and Learns, team outings, holiday parties.

For more events focused on startups and entrepreneurship in Montreal, visit Notman House and the Jeune Chambre du Commerce de Montréal.

JCCM 2014 Cocktail Entrepreneurs at Notman House


Martin-Luc Archambault - JCCM 2014 Cocktail Entrepreneurs